Licensure Services

The Emergency Medical Services Division coordinates state licensure for Quick Response Services (QRS), Basic Life Support (BLS), Intermediate Advanced Life Support (IALS), Advanced Life Support (ALS), and Air (Helicopter) ambulance services in Montgomery County. The Division conducts inspections to ensure that ambulances carry the necessary equipment, that personnel are properly trained and certified, and that the agency has appropriate policies and procedures in place.

For additional information concerning licensure, contact Pre-Hospital Systems Coordinator Tim Dunigan at

State Regulations and Laws

Overview of Pennsylvania Department of Health Ambulance Service Licensure Program (rev. 4/11)

PA Vehicle, Equipment, and Supply Requirements for Emergency Medical Agencies (rev. 6/17)

PA Department of Health - Bureau of EMS Inspection Checklists

QRS Inspection Checklist (rev. 9/19)

BLS Ambulance Inspection Checklist (rev. 9/19)

BLS Squad Inspection Checklist (rev. 9/19)

IALS Ambulance Inspection Checklist (rev. 9/19)

IALS Squad Inspection Checklist (rev. 9/19)

ALS Ambulance Inspection Checklist (rev. 9/19)

ALS Squad Inspection Checklist (rev. 9/19)

Critical Care Transport Inspection Checklist (rev. 9/19)

Air (Rotorcraft) Inspection Checklist (rev. 9/19)

Administrative Inspection Checklist (rev. 7/16)

Medication Lists

Recommended ALS Medication List (rev. 11/19)

PA Department of Health Approved and Required Medications List for EMS (rev. 6/17)

Medical Director's Agreement Form

EMS Agency Medical Director's Agreement (rev. 12/13)