About the Department

The Voter Services Office consists of the Election Board, Warehouse, and Voter Registration departments.

Previously, two separate departments with different responsibilities, the Voter Registration and Election Board offices were combined into the Voter Services office in 1994.

Voter Services maintain and updates the voter registration records of Montgomery County, which currently number over 540,000 eligible voters. This includes tracking relevant information changes of individual voters by coordinating efforts with the United States Postal Service, PennDOT, the Pennsylvania Department of State, and other counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

In addition, the Voter Services Office, under the County's Board of Elections, manages elections, establishes polling sites, prints ballots, programs voting machines, processes absentee ballots and maintains candidates' filing of campaign expense reports.

The County Board of Elections normally consists of the three County Commissioners. A County Commissioner may not serve on the Board of Election in any election in which that Commissioner is a candidate for any public office, including re-election. In this case, the President Judge of the Court of Common Please names a temporary Election Board member.

Meet the Office Staff

Senior Staff:

Karley Sisler, Voter Services Director, 610-278-3275  
  Matt Macekura, Voter Services Administrator  610-292-4545
Sharon Proietto, Voter Registration Coordinator 610-278-3280

Points of Contact:

Poll Workers (610-278-3275)
 Sarah Piening - Absentee Balloting (610-278-3275)
Justin Evert - Polling Places (610-278-3275)​
Josh Hannock - Campaign Finance (610-278-3201)