District Attorney's Fallen Heroes Plaque Program

The District Attorney’s Fallen Hero Program was established through a partnership between District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman and attorney James Binns. In 2001, James Binns started the Fallen Hero Plaque Program in Philadelphia honoring men and women in law enforcement who were killed or died in the line of duty. District Attorney Ferman recognized the importance of such a prominent program and collaborated with Binns in order to bring the program to Montgomery County.


District Attorney Ferman sponsors a Fallen Hero Plaque for each officer and holds a dedication ceremony in his or her local jurisdiction with assistance from the Officer’s home department and the Fraternal Order of Police. Each ceremony is attended by local police departments, local officials, county commissioners, family members and friends. Law enforcement officials throughout Pennsylvania routinely attend each ceremony to honor their fallen comrades. District Attorney Ferman has dedicated twenty-seven (27) Fallen Hero Plaques to date, honoring local officers who made the ultimate sacrifice and gave their lives while protecting others have been honored in Montgomery County.



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September 13, 2012 Officer Bradley Michael Fox

Plymouth Township Police Dept.

Brad_Fox_2 Brad_Fox_3

April 20, 2004 Sergeant James R. Miller 9/6/2007
Upper Dublin Twp. Police Dept.

Jmiller_1 JMiller_2

July 28, 2003 Officer Richard Lawn, Jr. 6/1/2009
Lower Gwynedd Twp. Police Dept.

RLawn_1 RLawn_2

March 22, 1996 Special Agent Charles L. “Chuck” Reed 9/24/2007
Federal Bureau of Investigation

C_Reed_1 C_Reed_2

October 11, 1992 Officer Thomas M. Barone 10/12/2012
Norristown Borough Police Dept.

Thaomas_Barone_1 Thomas Barone_2

September 30, 1988 Officer Edward Setzer 10/1/2007
Lower Merion Twp. Police Dept.

Edward_Setzer_1 Edward_Setzer_2

September 13, 1986 Sergeant George F. Opelski, Jr. 6/21/2011
West Norriton Twp. Police Dept.

George_Opelski_Jr_1 George_Opelski_Jr_2

May 26, 1986 Trooper Stanley E Wesoloski 10/25/2007
Pennsylvania State Police

Stanley_Wesoloski_1 Stanley_Wesoloski_2

August 15, 1977 Corporal Leo M. Koscelnick 10/13/2009
Pennsylvania State Police

Leo_Koscelnick_1 Leo_Koscelnick_2

May 22, 1977 Sergeant A. Wesley Faust 9/10/2014
New Hanover Police Dept.

Sgt. Faust New Hanover Police Dept

January 20, 1977 Officer Raymond Moscardelli 3/10/2015
Ambler Borough Twp. Police Department

Stanley_Wesoloski_1 Ambler Borough Twp.

December 11, 1976 Officer David Hancock 9/21/2010
Montgomery Twp. Police Department

David_Hancock_1 David_Hancock_2

March 4, 1975 Patrolman Michael Joseph Saulin 10/26/2010
Upper Merion Twp. Police Dept.

Michael_Saulin_1 Michael_Saulin_2

July 6, 1966 Sergeant Francis J. Fanning 10/14/2014
Lower Merion Twp. Police Department

Stanley_Wesoloski_1 Edward_Setzer_2

January 20, 1964 Officer Thomas W Corum 10/25/2011
Pottstown Borough Police Dept.

Thomas_Corum_1A Thomas_Corum_1

December 25th, 1963 Chief John J. Culp

Lower Providence Police Department

Chief John Culp LP patch.jpg

August 5, 1960 Trooper Francis M. Tessitore 10/13/2009
Pennsylvania State Police

Francis_Tessitore_1 Francis_Tessitore_2

September 9, 1959 Chief Robert E Reilly 6/17/2008
Norristown Borough Police Dept.

Robert_Reilly_1 Robert_Reilly_2

March 9, 1957 Officer John J. Plunkett 11/18/2014
Jenkintown Borough Police Dept.

Robert_Reilly_1 Jenkintown PD

June 29, 1949 Officer Thomas Mathews 9/27/2011
Abington Twp. Police Dept.

Thomas_Mathews Thomas_Mathews_2`

March 3, 1946 Officer Edgar L. Peterson 4/13/2009
Cheltenham Twp. Police Dept.

Edgar_Peterson_1 Edgar_Peterson_2

October 6, 1935 Police Chief Warren M. Kramer 4/15/2014
Hatboro Borough Police Department


April 1, 1928 Patrolman Andrew W Miller 10/13/2009
Pennsylvania State Highway Patrol

Andrew_Miller_1 Andrew_Miller_2

May 8, 1927 Sergeant John M. Thomas 10/13/2009
Pennsylvania State Police

John_Thomas_1 John_Thomas_2

September 15, 1924 Officer Francis "Buck" Roy 9/27/2012
Lower Merion Twp. Police Dept.

Francis_Roy_1 Francis_Roy_2

August 13, 1917 Officer Eugene J. "Chick" Lucas 6/26/2012
Conshohocken Borough Police Dept.

Eugene_Lucas_1 Eugene_Lucas_2