Resource & Referral

Help Choosing Quality Child Care
The Early Learning Resource Center (ELRC) Region 17 helps families living in Montgomery County with free assistance in locating child care facilities that meet their child care needs, in making good child care choices through the provision of material and counseling. Using a statewide database that contains regulated child care centers and home-based child care providers, a resource referral specialist can help a family find services anywhere in Pennsylvania, including:
  • Full-time services
  • Part-time services
  • Before- and after-school services
  • Evening services
  • Summer camp programs

Available Services

The ELRC offers:
Note: Our goal is to supply up-to-date information. We do not vouch for nor guarantee or express an opinion as to the provider’s qualifications or capabilities. In offering the provider profiles, we give you options that best suit your needs, not recommendations.

Types of Child Care Available

We can also give you information on the various types of child care available to you.

Help With Child Care Expenses

Help is available for eligible parents to meet their child care expenses. Call 610-278-3707 or 800-281-1116 and ask for the Resource and Referral department.