Reportable Diseases

The Montgomery County Office of Public Health (OPH) provides surveillance, control and prevention of reportable diseases and conditions within Montgomery County. Currently, over 70 diseases or conditions are reportable under the Public Health Code (Section B) of Montgomery County and (PA Code, Title 28, Chapter 27). Current List of Reportable Diseases.

Health care providers are bound by law to report any of these events. The information obtained is a critical element of the disease surveillance program at the OPH. It permits OPH to identify and forecast the trends in disease occurrence and outbreaks. It also aids the county in making informed decisions and regulations for public health protection in areas such as food handling, private water wells and sanitary waste systems, vector control, animal control, STD (sexually-transmitted disease) tracking, and immunization programs. Furthermore, the information collected is an important data source for identifying needs, analyzing the causes of diseases, collecting and interpreting data, finding more cases, monitoring and forecasting disease trends, conducting research, evaluating program outcomes and other necessary assessment functions of public health.

People with any of the diseases listed in the reportable disease table should make every effort to cooperate with county health officials. Cooperation helps in locating the source of an infection and preventing the spread of an epidemic. The OPH attempts to find the source of many of these illnesses, such as food poisoning or salmonellosis. In the case of STDs, the OPH will provide partner notification services to assure all potential contacts are offered appropriate testing and treatment.


Public Health Code, Chapter 3