Rabies is a preventable viral disease that affects the central nervous system. When an infected animal bites or scratches, the virus can be transmitted through the saliva. Animals such as raccoons, bats and foxes are likely to be infected. They can pass the disease onto domestic animals such as dogs, cats and ferrets. Humans can also get rabies through the bite and scratches of these infected animals. Therefore, it is important to protect yourself and your animals from rabies. The Montgomery County Office of Public Health's (OPH) Rabies Prevention Program provides services such as animal bite reporting, animal testing and the rabies vaccination for animals to protect residents from rabies. 

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All animal bites are reportable to the OPH. If an animal scratches or bites another animal and/or person, the incident must be reported due to the OPH's Rabies Prevention Program. There are 3 animal bite report forms: Human Bite, Wound of Known, and Wound of Unknown. The appropriate animal bite form should be completed, then faxed to the OPH. 


Human Bite Report Form
Report when a person has a possible rabies exposure through a bite, scratch or contact with saliva of an animal.

Rabies Examination Form
A Rabies Examination Form should be completed by a licensed veterinarian after an animal's quarantine period. Quarantine periods for human exposure incidences are 10 days. For further questions or concerns contact the OPH.

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