Employer-Assisted Housing

Many employers across Montgomery County and the entire Philadelphia metropolitan area struggle to attract and keep employees.Long-term retention of employees depends upon many factors and one of the most important is the availability of quality, affordable housing within reasonable commuting distance.With housing prices continually on the rise, many of the county’s essential workers find it nearly impossible to afford a home.Some employers in the county help their employees through employer-assisted housing (EAH) programs.These programs typically provide workers with home-buying assistance in the form of a grant or forgivable loan that can be used for a down payment or closing costs.Other employers offer educational seminars or may financially subsidize either affordable rentals or new construction.

To some extent, employer-assisted housing is an updated, improved version of the “company town,” when local industries housed their workers near their place of employment.Even though much has changed for workers, the need for decent, affordable homes has not.

Everyone benefits from employer-assisted housing.Employees gain a better understanding of the home-buying process and benefit from the financial boost that could help them afford a home that was previously unattainable.Home ownership can encourage employees to remain invested in both their company and the community in which they reside.Employers stand to benefit through reduced staff turnover, increased employee morale, greater productivity, and a more significant community profile.Neighborhoods experience positive results as employers with sizable local stakes, such as universities or hospitals, significantly invest in their surrounding communities.

There are many successful employer-assisted housing programs across the country.We have listed several on this page and encourage you to take a look at these programs.Our agency welcomes the opportunity to work with employers that are considering adding housing benefits for their employees.For further information, contact Anne Leavitt-Gruberger at 610.278.3727.

Employer-Assisted Housing — Demand-Side Mechanisms
Marketing and Outreach
Education and Homeowner Counseling
Loans and Grants
Mortgage Guarantee
Mortgage Buy-Down

Employer-Assisted Housing — Supply-Side Mechanisms
Provision of Land or Money for Development
Construction Financing