Market Statistics

Montgomery County, PA Map

Monthly Reports

Labor Market Summary - The Labor Market Summary is a one-page document that highlights the most important information each month about the Montgomery County labor market. Effective 1/1/2020, we have incorporated the information found in our  Labor Market Summary report into our Employment Report. Historical Labor Market Summary reports can be found here.
County Profile
- Developed by the Center for Workforce Information Analysis, the County Profile includes economic, geographic, and demographic data.

Workforce Development Area Profile - Developed by the PA Department of Labor & Industry, the Employment Situation Report provides labor force statistics and wage and salary data.

PA Monthly WorkStats - The PA Monthly WorkStats report provides labor market data on the labor force, jobs, and unemployment compensation.

Quarterly Reports

Top 50 Employers & Industries - Developed by the Center for Workforce Information Analysis, the largest employers and industries are ranked by number of employees.