Adjudication Hearing 
The Adjudication Hearing is the 'fact-finding' process wherein the juvenile court determines whether or not there is sufficient evidence to sustain the allegations in a petition. If there is a plea agreement developed between the district attorney’s office and the juvenile’s defense counsel, the juvenile will formally answer to the Juvenile Court on the charges contained in the petition, that he or she is guilty or not guilty. 

Detention Hearings

A detention hearing is conducted in order to determine whether a juvenile is to be detained or released while the juvenile court proceedings in the case are pending.

Disposition Hearing 

This hearing is conducted to determine the most appropriate form of treatment for a juvenile who has been adjudicated delinquent or dependent. Prior to this hearing, a court investigator will interview all parties involved and related to the case. A court summary report will be prepared with the information obtained for the juvenile judge, district attorney, and public defender/private attorney.

Failure To Pay Hearing

If necessary, the Juvenile Probation department conducts a failure to pay hearing. Before sending a failure to pay citation to court, reasonable efforts have been attempted to collect the outstanding fine. It is when the defendant has been non-responsive that the citation is sent to juvenile court. This official court hearing is held before a juvenile court judge and its purpose is to make a court determination on the outstanding debt.
 placement  Review hearing
This hearing is held to review placement of a juvenile, when a juvenile is committed to a facility and six months has passed, to determine if continuation of placement is in the best interest of the juvenile.