Industrial Development Authority

The Industrial Development Authority (IDA) has assisted manufacturing firms, nonprofit (501(c)(3)) organizations, educational institutions and health care organizations, as well as water treatment plants and pollution control facilities. The IDA aims to maintain a high level of employment and create and maintain business opportunities.

How the IDA Works

1. Borrowing money from private sector financing institutions
2. Loaning this money to Montgomery County companies to finance projects
3. Securing below-market interest rates on loans that are tax-exempt to the lender

Public Notice

There are no current public notices at this time.

 Board of Directors

Eric Pritchard, Esquire, Chair   Phone: 215-514-8754 
Adam Silverman, Esquire, Vice Chair   Phone: 215-665-2161
Elizabeth Moy, Secretary   Phone: 215-385-4239
Richard J. DePiano, Jr., Esquire, Treasurer   Phone: 610-688-6830 Ext 103
Jay M. Lankford   Phone: 610-416-7677
Mr. Jason E. Salus   Phone: 610-278-3066
 Mr. Bud TylerPhone: 215-784-0861


Merle R Ochrach, Esq.  Phone: 215-661-0400


Mallie, LLP   Phone: 610-935-1420