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Montco Opportunity Loan Program

The Montco Opportunity Loan Program is designed as a “one stop shopping” tool for businesses seeking capital and labor in Montgomery County. Through this new financing program, sponsored by the County and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we are able to offer opportunities to help small and medium sized business grow their employee base and maximize the value of their investments in land and capital equipment.

By linking the interest rate of the loan to the company’s participation in other county economic development efforts, such as skills training and PA CareerLink® Montgomery County employment services, the program is able to offer unique incentives and cost-saving benefits to businesses.

Our employment services group is able to support the business community’s needs by offering free recruitment services to any Montgomery County company looking to hire new employees. This builds on existing programs in the County by connecting PA CareerLink® Montgomery County services to the business community, reinforcing our outreach to businesses with a dedicated team focusing solely on tailoring our capabilities to job recruitment needs.

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Recruitment Services

Your business is constantly changing, and looking for talented staff can be time consuming and frustrating. Many companies turn to recruitment firms that can find appropriate candidates and assist with general human resource challenges, but traditional recruitment firms can be expensive, and may not be the right partner for the positions your company is seeking to fill.

Montgomery County serves as the recruitment service provider for more than 4,000 companies in the County — and we provide the service free of charge to your business. There's no cost to advertise a position, no payment to a recruiter for a job placement, and the only investment you need to make is the time it takes to get to know the Commerce Department and the team at PA CareerLink® Montgomery County, a proud partner of the American Job Center® Network.

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Workforce Development Training Programs

On-the-Job Training (OJT) and Customized Job Training (CJT) are two training programs that have been designed primarily for employers that are new to the area, start-ups, expanding, or upgrading training to stay competitive. These programs help job seekers who do not have the related education, training or work experience to immediately qualify for a job. At the successful completion of training, the employer is expected to retain the trainee as a regular full-time employee.

Employers participating in OJT are partially reimbursed for trainee wages to help offset the costs of training, whereas CJT funds are used to reimburse costs incurred due to training.

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The Montgomery County Workforce Development Board, MontcoWorks, has a goal to become the recognized "broker" of workforce and economic development resources in a seamless system driven by customer choice, complete and reliable information, and competition.

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Redevelopment Authority

The Redevelopment Authority’s principal purposes are assisting the County’s townships and boroughs in stimulating economic revitalization, with resultant improvements in employment, infrastructure, services, and tax ratables, and aiding in the provision of affordable housing.

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Industrial Development Authority

The Industrial Development Authority aims to maintain a high level of employment and create and maintain business opportunities by:
  • Borrowing money from private sector financing institutions
  • Loaning this money to Montgomery County companies to finance projects
  • Securing below-market interest rates on loans that are tax-exempt to the lender
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