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Domestic Relations Wanted for Child Support
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Do you know of someone who is a wanted person in Montgomery County? Report it to the Sheriff's Office. All tips are kept confidential and you are not required to leave your name.

Domestic Relations Wanted for Child Support
Barry Jordan, Jr.
Name: Barry Jordan, Jr.
Last Known Address: 536 Blaker Drive, East Greenville, PA 18041
Date of Birth: 1/30/1978
Arrearages: $39,887.98
Charles Ferguson
Name: Charles Ferguson
Last Known Address: 1430 Easton Rd., Apt. 1, Roslyn, PA 19001
Date of Birth: 4/24/1963
Arrearages: $10,351.51
Anthony Ellis
Name: Anthony Ellis
Last Known Address: 307 Haws Ave., Norristown, PA 19401
Date of Birth: 9/10/1968
Arrearages: $16,078.08 
Jon Hinkle
Name: Jon Hinkle
Last Known Address: 827 N. 26th St., Philadelphia, PA 19130
Date of Birth: 11/15/1973
Arrearages: $28,913.55
Christopher Stec
Name: Christopher Stec 
Last Known Address: 204 Summit Ave., Apt. 5, Willow Grove, PA
Date of Birth: 2/28/1977
Arrearages: $26,669.87
Also has Probation warrant for resisting arrest
Mark Deyoc
Name: Mark Deyoc
Last Known Address: 271 Crestview Ave, Blackwood, NJ
Arrearages: $8,017.15 

Edward Craig
Name: Edward Craig
Last Known Address: 1008 Greene Blvd, Collegeville, PA 19426
Arrearages: $9,549.11 

Ryan Shockley
Name: Ryan Shockley
Last Known Address: 2108 Rahway Ave, Norristown, PA 19401
Arrearages: $14,774.46 
Barry Clary, Jr
Name: Barry Clary, Jr
Last Known Address: 593 North York Street, Apt 405, Pottstown, PA 19464
Arrearages: $25,380.12 

Chris Dahlquist
Name: Chris Dahlquist
Last known Address: 804 West 3rd Street, Lansdale, PA 19446
Arrearages: $38,831.67

Brian Allen
Name: Brian Allen
Last Known Address: 2620 Skippack Pike, Worcester
Case # 697114016
Arrearages: $29,222.44
Children: 1
Shane Kime
Name: Shane Kime
Last Known Address: 28 Scott St., Pottstown
Case # 463112938
Arrearages: $1,513.80
Children: 1

Joseph Bilinski
Name: Joseph Bilinski
Last Known Address: 998 W. High St., Pottstown
Case # 943101333
Arrearages: $889.42
Children: 1
Todd Littlejohn
Name: Todd Littlejohn
Last Known Address: 42 E. 3rd St., Apt. 7, Pottstown
Case # 836110175, 702111448
Arrearages: $6,866.91
Children: 3

Terry Pearsall
Name: Terry Pearsall
Last Known Address: 559 King St., Pottstown
Case # 669111882
Arrearages: $2,010.46
Children: 2
Eric Homa
Name: Eric Homa
Last Known Address: 280 Oak St., Collegeville
Case # 541107013
Arrearages: $10,531.44
Children: 1

James Pascavage
Name: James Pascavage
Last Known Address: 1161 Collegeville Rd., Collegeville
Case # 595111883, 298112690
Arrearages: $835.64
Children: 2
Marquis Robinson
Name: Marquis Robinson
Last Known Address: 1343 Markley St., Norristown
Case # 980113671, 514103796
Arrearages: $27,158.03
Children: 4
James Kornegay
Name: James Kornegay
Last Known Address: 117 W. Marshall St., Norristown
Case # 359111898, 424108221
Arrearages: $44,894.05
Children: 2
Michael Jones
Name: Michael Jones
Last Known Address: 365 E. Moore St., Norristown
Case # 624102573, 152103225
Arrearages: $14,615.68
Children: 5
Rebecca Baker
Name: Rebecca Baker
Last Known Address: 3855 Blair Mill Rd., Apt. 205 G, Horsham
Case # 201105866
Arrearages: $23,922.02
Children: 1
Shakoor Davis
Name: Shakoor Davis
Last Known Address: 521 Moore St., Norristown
Case # 100113980
Arrearages: $1,043.56
Children: 4

Alan Schnitler
Name: Alan Schnitler
White male
DOB: 2/20/74
Arrearages: $36,5903.70 
Last known address: 160 Levering Rd, Philadelphia, and also Phoenixville area
Michael Tiziana
Name: Michael Tiziana
White male
DOB: 4/13/82
Arrearages: $11,782.48 
Last known address: 4317 Blair Mill Rd, Hatboro, and also Souderton area
Gregory Rawley
Name: Gregory Rawley
Arrearages: $192,952.25
Last known address: 1923 Susquehanna Rd, Abington, and also China

Thomas Ryan
Name: Thomas Ryan
Arrearages: $55,369.76 
Last known address: 1111 Long Creek Blvd, Unit 303, New Braunfels, TX

Todd Smith

Name: Todd Smith 
Black male, PACES # 856110766 
LKA 130 W. Main St., Trappe, PA
Date of Birth: 01/26/1974
Arrearages: $137,322.81

Steven Minnick

Name: Steven Minnick, BW44007
City: Norristown, PA
Date of Birth: 06/04/1979
Arrearages: $31,106

Stephen Roberts
Name: Stephen R. Roberts, BW41232
City: Wayne, PA
Date of Birth: 12/29/1959
Arrearages: $23,291