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Plan Themes & Goals
The 28-member Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, representing a variety of stakeholders from all regions of the county, has developed draft themes and goals for the comprehensive plan. They were developed using the public input received from our extensive outreach process as well as background information on the county contained in Montgomery County Today. Our outreach efforts included workshops attended by over 150 people, 2,400 completed surveys, a strong web presence, and comments received through social media. Many issues were raised during this process. The most important appeared to be transportation, jobs and the economy, infrastructure, revitalization, and taxes.

We’d like to get your input on these themes and goals before we draft the plan. We’re looking for feedback by April 4, 2014. In early April, the steering committee will amend the goals to reflect municipal and public input and will begin preparing the actual plan, which will have implementation steps for each of the goals. We hope to have a draft plan ready by the end of May for your input and comments, with an eventual goal of adopting a new plan in the fall. Thanks for taking part in helping to create Montgomery County’s future!