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Project Updates

Foundation Approval

Plans Approved on September 3, 2013

Final Structures Plan Approval 
Final Structure Plans are being developed

Right of Way Plan Approval
Plans Approved on June 27, 2013

Right of Way Acquisitions
Affected Property Owners have been notified

Erosion Control and Joint Permit Approval
MCCD Erosion & Sediment Pollution Control Permit approved on 10/7/2013
and PADEP Joint Permit approved on 1/23/2014 

Arcola Road Bridge Replacement Project
Arocola Road Bridge Replacement-02.jpg

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The Arcola Road bridge is currently undergoing a full replacement and is on-schedule to reopen next summer and remains on-budget. 

An ongoing and comprehensive coordinated effort of Montgomery County, PennDot, State Rep. Mike Vereb, Lower Providence Township, Upper Providence Township, and Allen Myers, the contractor, has allowed for great progress to be made, keeping the project on track. 

Since construction commenced in the fall of 2014, the bridge has undergone the demolition of the superstructure and is in the process of demolition and reconstruction of the substructure. The contractor has placed a temporary access platform into the Perkiomen Creek and is performing work on the abutments – either end of the bridge – and the bridge piers.  The current work includes demolition, excavation, concrete formwork, and installation of steel reinforcement.

Once the contractor has finished construction of the substructure, work on the superstructure will commence. That work will include the installation of span beams and parapets, and the construction of the roadway.

Upon completion, the bridge will be wider, safer and have greater capacity. 

Previous updates:

  • Montco Launches $7.7 Million Bridge Project
  • The Montgomery County Commissioners today unanimously approved the award of the Arcola Road bridge construction project to Allen A. Meyers, Inc. PennDOT and the county will now finalize contracts with the contractor, and construction is expected to commence in mid-October. This critical milestone was reached through a comprehensive coordinated effort of Montgomery County, PennDOT, State Rep. Mike Vereb, State Sen. John Rafferty, Lower Providence Township and Upper Providence Township. Further reports will be issued as the construction proceeds.
  • The Montgomery County Commissioners are proud to announce that the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has advertised for bids for construction proposals for the replacement of the Arcola Road Bridge. This critical project is moving along as rapidly as possible, and the commissioners particularly commend State Rep. Mike Vereb along with State Sen. John Rafferty, the county’s Department of Assets and Infrastructure, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, the federal Highway Administration and both Lower and Upper Providence Townships for the immense amount of cooperation on the project to this point. The estimated $8 million project will receive 80% of its funding from the Federal Highway Administration, 15% from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, and 5% from Montgomery County. A construction firm will be selected by the Department of Transportation by late summer or early fall, and construction should commence shortly thereafter. The initial work will include the demolition of the existing bridge and its abutments, as well as necessary site work for the new bridge. The project is expected to last 18 months. For more information, and updates on the project, please visit Thank you for your cooperation and patience. 
  • On April 17th, the Montgomery County Commissioners unanimously approved a reimbursement agreement with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for $8,077,495 to fund the construction of the new Arcola Road Bridge. This critical project, which has received the full cooperation and support at the municipal, state and federal level, from all elected officials and law enforcement, is now slightly ahead of schedule. The demolition of the existing bridge and construction of the new, modern bridge is expected to commence in the fall of this year and last approximately 18 months. More updates will follow as the project approaches key milestones, prior to the start of construction. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to complete the Arcola Road Bridge project. As always, updates can be found at 


Montgomery County owns 133 bridges - 62 of which are classified as structurally deficient. Bridge #135, Arcola Road over Perkiomen Creek, at 290 feet in length, is the 6th longest bridge owned by the County. Arcola Road Bridge is currently classified as both structurally deficient and functionally obsolete. The bridge is in an advanced state of deterioration and following a routine inspection performed by PennDOT the bridge was closed on August 16, 2013.

Built in 1869 and rebuilt in 1931, the bridge is slated to be replaced in a joint effort by the Federal Highway Administration, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Montgomery County. The total cost of the replacement is estimated to be $7,750,000. The Federal Government will pay 80% of the cost, the State will pay 15% and the County will pay 5%. Preliminary design for the bridge is complete, and it is now undergoing final design.

Montgomery County, in its 2013 adopted Capital Budget, borrowed $7,755,000 to fund the replacement of this bridge. In addition, the County has restructured its Roads and Bridges department, hired experienced engineers to prioritize its bridge replacement program, and has budgeted approximately $164,000,000 on infrastructure over the next five years to repair and replace our aging infrastructure.

During the bridge reconstruction a detour route will be in place. The Arcola Road Bridge will be detoured along the following roads:
• -Arcola Road, 1.5 miles
• -Eagleville Road, 1.1 miles
• -Park Avenue, 0.5 miles
• -Eqypt Road, 0.9 miles
• -Cider Mill Road, 1.5 miles
The detour route is approximately 5.5 miles in total length.

For a copy of the August 12th, 2013 public presentation on the Arcola Road Bridge replacement project, as well as the project schedule and a map of the detour, please see below.

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