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If you’ve been a victim of a burglary or robbery where jewelry, coins or precious metals were stolen, please review this website’s descriptions and photos of the thousands of pieces of jewelry, coins and precious metals recovered during a regional burglary ring investigation. All of these photographed items are evidence in a criminal case against five defendants who are charged with committing 15 burglaries of high-end homes in Montgomery, Delaware and Chester counties, as well as other burglaries in New Castle County, Delaware and Cherry Hill, N.J., from 2013 to 2016. Law enforcement officials believe these defendants may have been involved in additional burglaries during that time frame and possibly in other locations.

What do you do if you discover what you think is your stolen property? 

Contact Lower Merion Police Officer Cynthia Yoder via email at or at 610-645-6238. Please be prepared to provide 1) the specific number listed in the name of photo, 2) a brief description of the item, 3) the website page (listed at the bottom center) where the photo is located, and 4) the name of the police department that investigated the burglary/incident.

Remember: Any individual who contacts police will be asked to provide a sworn or written statement. False reports related to this investigation, such as any false reports to police, are subject to prosecution under the Pennsylvania Criminal Code (18 Pa.C.S.A. §4903 False Swearing, §4904 Unsworn Falsification to Authorities and §4906 False Reports to Law Enforcement Authorities).

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