Sheriff's Office

Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Divisions

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is comprised of several divisions.

Specialty Units



If you would like someone from the Sheriff's Office to appear at or participate in your community event, click here.

Citizens may submit tips on wanted persons to the County's Sheriff Warrant Unit. All tips will be kept confidential and you are not required to provide your name. Do you know of someone who is a wanted person in Montgomery County?

Warning: If the Sheriff's Office discovers that any persons are providing false information, those persons are subject to arrest and prosecution.

Notice: Effective 1/1/2013, Montgomery County has made changes to the way it collects delinquent taxes. Please review these changes in this letter.

  1. Montco tech students build suspect search boxes for K9 competition

    Norristown, Pa. (June 14, 2017) – Montgomery County law enforcement K9 units got some help from local tech school students, who built new suspect search boxes for a regional K9 competition being held in the fall. Read on...
  2. Montco Sheriff’s Office Gun Permits system temporary shutdown

  3. Twelve arrests in Montco Sheriff's overnight deadbeat parent raid

    Norristown, Pa. (May 24, 2017) – Sheriff Sean P. Kilkenny led an overnight deadbeat parent sweep that led to 12 arrests. Ten men and two women collectively owe $95,580.11 in child support arrearages for 23 children. Read on...
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