Hands On Activities

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Hands-On Experiences at Pennypacker Mills!

Explore what life was like 100 years ago by doing some of the same activities. Activities for all ages - children and adults. Make history with us!

Choice of Activities:

A Visit to the General Store* - The General Store served as the Post Office, food store, hardware store, and meeting place for friends & neighbors. Through the eyes of its customers learn about what foods & products were available, make purchases, weigh and grind grain.

This is the Way We Wash the Clothes*# - Technology was changing to improve peoples’ lives with new inventions such as indoor plumbing and early washing machine devices made life easier. Time to get your hands wet!

Life in a Coal Mine, Children at Work * - Thousands of boys descended into dark, dangerous coal mines or worked above ground as coal breakers. You can sort & size coal, learning about the jobs that children performed, and discovering why Gov. Pennypacker wrote the first child labor laws in Pennsylvania targeting coal mines.

Victorian Kitchen Gadgets - The Victorian kitchen was the epicenter of technology with new-fangled gadgets, & stoves that cooked & heated water for baths! You will use a variety of kitchen tools & discover what the kitchen of the 1900’s was like. During summer months, harvest vegetables from our garden to use in the kitchen.

Note: Some activities available year-round. Those with * are available April through October; # - Minimum of 20 participants, outdoors.

Supplemental Activities

- Extend your day with these supplemental activities:
Tour of the Mansion - focus on what it was like for children to live here 100 years ago
Child’s Play of Long Ago - tabletop games & lawn games
Period Craft - seasonal craft, age appropriate
Penmanship - pen and ink
The Art of the Calling Card - learn why these cards were so important, and make one of your own.
Garden Tour & Activities in the Children’s Heritage Garden - June thru September

Educational programs are available during regular museum hours.
Tours of the mansion & each activity take approximately 45 minutes.
All activities are $5.00 per person per day. You may choose as many programs as time will allow, considering the number of participants involved.  Teachers and chaperones are free. Activities are based upon a full day experience and the number of participants.

Picnic grounds are available.
Restrooms are handicapped accessible.

How to schedule:
Contact us at 610-287-9349