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NEW Comprehensive Plan
Montco 2040 LogoCommunities that grow and prosper have one major thing in common—they plan for the future. They decide where new housing will be built, which roads will be expanded, the types of parks they would like, what redevelopment should be like, where farms should be preserved, and how to reduce flooding, among other important decisions.
The first step in planning for the future is to create a comprehensive plan to guide overall growth and development. Montgomery County is in the process of preparing a comprehensive plan for the entire county. This plan will provide an overall framework for local municipal plans and will provide guidance on issues that transcend local boundaries, such as highways, public transportation, flooding, trails, growth trends, redevelopment trends, shopping needs, impact of large developments, overall housing needs, natural systems, and economic growth.

The most crucial element in the comprehensive plan process is you. Join us by signing up to receive information, announcements, and plan updates. Your input will help guide the plan in creating a shared future for Montgomery County.

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Draft Montco 2040 plan is ready for review and comment!

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