Land Development Eligibility


Montgomery Awards

Land Development


All types of land development and planning projects in Montgomery County are eligible for consideration, provided they are substantially completed when nominated. All projects are judged on their “as built” merits and evaluated on design criteria that may include the following:

  • Site Design. Building placement, project context, parking and circulation, pedestrian amenities, landscaping, open space, aesthetics, sustainable design practices.

  • Environmental Sensitivity. Natural features protection and conservation, grading and drainage, green infrastructure, innovative stormwater design.

  • Preservation and Restoration. Historic preservation or restoration, adaptive reuse, infill development.  

  • Collaborative Achievement. Successful collaboration among public and private entities.

  • Innovative Planning Concept or Program. Smart growth development, traditional neighborhood design, mixed-use development, open space and environmental design.

  • Community Enhancements. Municipal parks and open space, trail systems, streetscapes, transportation or transit improvements.

Nomination Requirements

The nomination deadline is May 1. The following information must be submitted with each nomination. Nominations are evaluated as submitted and are judged by an on-site visit. All entries become the property of the Montgomery County Planning Commission and are not returnable.

  • The official name of the project, specific location,
    and municipality.

  • A brief description of the award-winning design features/concept. Photographs, digital images, and illustrative drawings may be submitted.

  • Contact information for project owner, developer, and primary consultants (engineer, land planner, landscape architect, architect, etc.). This information should include official company name and address as well as a contact person’s name, address, phone number, and e-mail.

  • Project development data and statistics (acreage, zoning, land uses, density, number and type of dwelling units, total building square footage, parking spaces, open
    space acreage).

  • A site plan drawn to scale.

Montgomery County Planning Commission

PO Box 311 | Norristown | PA | 19404-0311 | 610.278.3722 

Contact: Holly Mager