Tuberculosis (TB) Testing & Treatment

TB testing is targeted to residents of Montgomery County who are considered high risk. If necessary, a test for TB infection will be ordered to diagnose TB infection. There are fees for this test. Individuals who have a positive reaction are evaluated further with a chest x-ray. Further assessment by a clinician is scheduled at one of our clinics. Individuals with a positive test for TB infection will require treatment to prevent development of TB disease and the spread of TB disease.

A person who has been exposed to TB may have a latent TB infection, i.e. the TB germ has infected the person’s body, but has not yet caused disease. Treatment of latent TB infection is used to decrease the likelihood that an individual will progress to active TB disease in the future.

It is the responsibility of the MCHD to ensure that all persons who are suspected of having tuberculosis are identified and evaluated promptly and that an appropriate course of treatment is prescribed and completed successfully. To ensure treatment completion for all active tuberculosis cases, patient medication is monitored by MCHD staff via directly observed therapy (DOT). Montgomery County residents being treated for active TB or latent TB infection are seen monthly in our clinics for medical monitoring.

Most schools with-in the county require a test for TB infection of all students who were born in/or lived in a country with a TB case rate > 20.

TB Clinic Hours