What Is the Project?

Lafayette Street Extension Project Improvements

The Lafayette Street Extension Project will significantly improve access to Norristown and its Main Street and riverfront as well as Plymouth Township's Ridge Pike and Conshohocken Road corridors, providing a transportation framework that will spur economic development. It will:
  • Improve local road connections between Norristown and Plymouth Township.
  • Reconstruct and widen existing Lafayette Street in Norristown and extend it to Diamond Avenue.
The Lafayette Street Extension Project has strong local, regional, state, and federal support, with the county acting as project manager. The project is consistent with Norristown’s adopted plans, including the Norristown Economic Revitalization Strategy and Norristown's comprehensive plan.

What Are the Phases?

The county is currently managing three construction phases:
  1. Section MGP - Extend Lafayette Street beyond Ford Street to Conshohocken Road and Diamond Avenue
  2. Section MGL - Widen and improve local roads, such as Ridge Pike, Diamond Avenue, and Fairfield Road
  3. Section MGN - Reconstruct and widen existing Lafayette Street
There are two future phases planned: a full interchange with the Pennsylvania Turnpike and a half interchange with US 202 South at the Dannehower Bridge.

What Are the Benefits of the Project?

The proposed Lafayette Street Extension Project will provide the following benefits for the Municipality of Norristown, Plymouth Township, and the surrounding area.

Practical Benefits

Planning & Policy Benefits